2020 Story Salons – March

Dear Friends,

Want to turn a humdrum idea into a hummer?

A power analysis into an epic story?

Want to take that tough question that keeps you up at night and crack it open?

Well, get out your colored pencils and treat your calendars to some creative time at one of the upcoming 2020 Story Salons.

These sessions are open to any of the partners to

  • get some free help using the #BFFP story assets
  • develop the story of your next project within the framework of the overarching #BFFP story
  • get strategic, creative, and communications advice for a project or organizational communications
  • brainstorm how to create culture-hacking assets for your campaign
  • cook up some wild ideas in the forest of creativity to take back to the village of your day to day work

If you’d like to book  a session, please register at the links below. Include a short description of the problem you want to solve or the question you’d like to explore. If you want to invite in crazy talent or experience from another group that you admire, that’d be great: the more the merrier!



The sessions will run on Zoom

The Salons are sponsored by The Plastic Solutions Fund as a resource for further developing the culture-change pillar of our work. Slots are first-come-first-served and disappear quickly, so register ASAP. As one of last year’s participants phrased it, it’s a chance to “open doors you don’t even know are there.”

Shilpi and the Dancing Fox team

Shilpi Chhotray

Senior Communications Officer

Global & U.S.

Tweet: @shilpichhotray


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