Enviropast plastics event

EnviroPAST 2019: Plastic and Sustainability Talks

EnviroPAST is a two-day sustainability and plastic pollution conference for New Zealand’s youth to engage with environmental issues.

About this Event

EnviroPAST(Plastic And Sustainability Talks) is a youth conference bringing business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs at the forefront of sustainability together with youth. EnviroPAST will provide young people with opportunities to learn from and act on new environmental knowledge in unique and interesting ways.

Some of our event highlights include talks by:

  • Professor Ian Shaw (University of Canterbury Lecturer and Toxicologist),
  • Raquelle de Vine (Founder & Director of Algalita South Pacific),
  • Helen Townsend (Founder & CEO of The Rubbish Whisperer),
  • Helena Ruffell (University of Canterbury Environmental Science Masters Student and Zero Waste Blogger)

As well as workshops and activities including:

  • A bees-wax wrap workshop
  • Government submission workshop
  • Tree planting at Styx Mill with Trees for Canterbury

We are thankful to have a number of generous sponsors who have helped to make EnviroPAST possible.

To learn more about EnviroPAST please visitwww.enviropast.com


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