Join in on 13 – 22 March 2020!

Take part in The Great Global Nurdle Hunt and join thousands worldwide searching for nurdles:


The Great Global Nurdle Hunt is an annual event (first run in 2019) which aims to build upon the worldwide engagement around the issue of nurdles and support calls for effective mitigating action at industry and government levels.

Join in this year:

1. Choose a date (between 13 – 22 March).

Only one date is required but if you want to do more then be our guest (why not check out another beach if possible).

2. Choose a location / beach.

Any beach will do, but we recommend sandy beaches; this can include beaches on freshwater lakes, on river banks as well as ocean beaches.

Make sure it is safe for you to get to and you are allowed to be there.

3. Take a look at the essential nurdle hunt information

Tips to hunt – This includes an idea of equipment you might need and where to look to find those nurdles.

ID Chart (with recording form) – This will help you identify what you find.

4. Go nurdle hunting!

Head down to your chosen beach, on your chosen date, and hunt for those nurdles!

5. Share your action!

Take photos, and share your story on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Dont forget to mention @greatnurdler and tag #nurdlehunt.


We are calling for industry to take responsibility of the pellets they handle, and ensure that effective best practice measures are implemented at all stages of the supply chain where pellets are handled to stop this loss at source.

This is a global problem that calls for globally co-ordinated solutions. From trialing solutions with the Scottish government and industry close to home, to raising awareness with EU decision-makers and global trade associations, Fidra are pushing for solutions that work at an international scale. Evidence from our Global Nurdle Hunt is vital for this work.

Our Nurdle Map has shown that people across the world are finding these plastic pellets washed up on their shores. We want to harness this worldwide engagement, showcase the fantastic work people are doing and illustrate to the global plastics industry that the issue of plastic pellet pollution is widespread.

We need your help to take to the beaches and organise a nurdle hunt in your area. We want to cover as many countries and meters of coastline as possible, to really show how big this problem is.

To find out more about the solutions we’re working on, check out our newly updated website.


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