Towards Zero Waste – Construction & Demolition Workshop

The Sustainable Business Network, Auckland Council, and CivilShare invite the Auckland construction industry to an event to tackle the key issues we face around construction and demolition waste. Hear about solutions that will save your project money, and workshop scenarios applicable to your business.

Construction and demolition waste represents around half of what’s going into New Zealand’s landfills, and the recent building boom and population pressure will do nothing to stem this flow. The need for the construction industry to have a sustainability focus is growing, not only because landfill levies and regulations are going to rise significantly, but also because we have a social responsibility to address it.

Sustainability isn’t only about minimizing waste to landfill, it is also about optimizing resources, equipment and staff. This workshop will give companies and individuals practical information and advice, which will help you understand how to be more sustainable and more profitable.


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