Plastic Pollution Challenge

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(Palmy’s) Plastic Pollution Challenge applies citizen science to find out how much plastic litter is in our urban waterways.

The challenge was launched in Palmerston North in March 2019 and is now expanding through the Manawatū River Catchment.

Plastic Pollution Challenge is a collaboration between Manawatū River Source to Sea, Massey Zero Waste Academy, Rangitāne o Manawatū and Palmerston North City Council.

Click here to follow the story of (Palmy’s) Plastic Pollution Challenge and how to get involved.

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Amanda Valois

Amanda Valois

I am a water quality scientist working on litter and plastic pollution in rivers. I am interested in the sources and pathways of plastics as it makes its way from the land to the sea. Working with communities and incorporating local action and knowledge makes up a large part of my work.

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