Wānanga: ‘Debunking compostable packaging with Liam Prince, the Compost King of Aotearoa NZ’ (Recording)

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Does compostable packaging actually break down fully in compost?
Confused by all the different labels and certifications?
Ever felt that compostable packaging might just be greenwashing?

Hear all about it from Compost Manager and zero waste researcher and advocate, Liam Prince, live and on-site from the Kaicycle Urban Farm where he works. Liam will talk through Kaicycle’s composting process, how it supports healthy soil, healthy food and healthy people, and the reasons why Kaicycle has stopped accepting all types of compostable packaging.

This wānanga was held as part of #plasticfreejuly2023 and the Break Free From Plastic Asia-Pacific campaign #FalseSolutionsExposed: Busting Myths and Unveiling False Solutions to Plastic Pollution.

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Matt Peryman

Matt Peryman

Kaupapa Māori Social Scientist & Researcher. Ngāti Awa. Ia/ia

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